Make the most of advanced technology without the distractions & temptations of a typical smartphone.

Rethink the smartphone experience

Most smartphones have open internet access. They can be addictive, time-wasting, and dangerous.

At KosherCell, we provide you and your family with safe, distraction-free phones so you can access useful smart apps without any of the bad stuff.

We don’t just filter web browsing, social media and distracting apps—we remove them entirely.

your phone

With KosherCell, you have options.

Purchase a KosherCell smartphone or tablet, select the approved app bundle that’s right for you, and add additional approved apps as needed.

Get a KosherCell basic phone with just talk, text & select apps.

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KosherCells don’t just cover up what you shouldn’t see.
You can’t access those things to start with.

There’s no way to browse the web or access unproductive apps on a KosherCell, but you can still use the useful apps you need.


How effective is KosherCell technology?
KosherCell technology removes the web browsers from our phones at an operating system level. We use exclusive technology available from the phone manufacturers themselves.
Is there a monthly fee?
There is a one-time fee to purchase a KosherCell web-free smartphone. Users will also require a standard monthly data plan from their choice of providers - AT&T, Verizon etc. - in order to enable the phone service and data-enabled apps.
Can I choose my own apps?
Yes. Users can request and add individual apps of their choosing during the checkout process. However, only apps that meet our standards will be allowed.
Can my child make changes to the settings?
At checkout you can select the "parental lock" option to prevent changes to the account without your password.

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